The Best Yoga Mat Bags 2020

Yoga mats can be unwieldy things. It is often the case that the more durable your yoga mat is, both thick enough and just the right length for you, able to withstand the regular beating you give you it each day (or almost each day!), the heavier it is. 

Even a lightweight mat needs to be held together lest it unravels as you carry all your other things before and after class. The good news is, yoga mat bags and straps make it possible to leave your hands free as you sling your mat over your shoulder.

Sometimes, however, the basic rope straps that most yoga mats come with aren’t enough to carry your mat if you use it often, and they easily break. We definitely recommend investing in a mat bag instead, whether or not you’re in it for the long haul. But there are certain things you might want to take into consideration before you go out there and purchase your mats.

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The Best Yoga Mat Bags Reviews

1) ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

I am love to do yoga. I am practicing for many of the years. I always purchase yoga related stuff online. I have just received my yoga mat bag and I am very happy with this “ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag”. 

This bag is perfect for YOGA Lover peoples. This bag has a trendy design, it made with heavy-duty canvas. This bag having 2 pockets itself, 1 zipped pocket in front side and the other one on the backside.

You can keep your all Yoga Things as well as personal stuff in these pockets. It has enough space for yoga mat even for the thicker Yoga Mats and towel.

I am highly recommended this bag to friends and family members for fits my yoga mat perfectly and not too forcefully to where it is hard to get IN and OUT. The pouch has a strong zipper pouch and Velcro that is a hand-sized bottomless.

I even had enough room to slip a pair of yoga Cloths. This bag is having two outside pockets, one that holds my wallet and cell phone, the other holds my hair ties, keys, and pair of socks. I recommend this product to buy one more for myself & as gifts for health-conscious friends

  • This is the best gift for yoga enthusiasts peoples.
  • This bag is PU leather
  • If anyone is having a Manduka Pro Lite mat and it fits flawlessly with plenty of room.
  • Yoga Mat and Water Bottle Not Included
  • 180 days warranty.
  • 1/2" inch thick mats WILL NOT FIT.

2) Fremous Yoga Mat Bag,Full-Zip Exercise

Fremous Yoga Mat Bags is having Perfect Quality with thick canvas and wonderful colors. I have bought two bags; one is for me and one is for my husband. There are two separate pockets; the zipper pocket fits my Cell Phone and the other pocket fits a small wallet, keys, and chapstick. The main partition fits my two yoga blocks, a yoga mat, a yoga towel, and a yoga blanket.

One of the finest things is for me is the bag is roomy- you could fit 2 yoga mats in it. The bag has 2 pockets itself- 1 is available with zippered and the other is using velcro. There is no need to worries about the end opening up because a tie-down came loose, which happens sometimes on other Yoga Mat bags, so everything inside is secure.

This is a perfect product, and I appreciate to give 5-star reviews. This bag has a very beautiful design pattern, made with a heavy-duty material. It is made of thick canvas and it has a liner made of a different material on the inside that keeps all things dry and safe. I highly recommend this bag as this is very easy to handle.

  • Full-zip for easy in and out.
  • This bag is having back cargo pocket to carry gear and workout things (6" W*6.5"L).
  • Few customers have received damaged bags.

3) Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag The Original YogiiiTote

I am pregnant and the doctor had recommended me for Yoga. So I have purchased a new mat, and I saw this Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag. I liked the simplicity of these bags and I ordered the Azulene Blue color. First, they send the wrong color buy they returned quickly. The company made a quick resolution. The bag is well created.

The problem is that the shoulder belt is too small. With a thick mat, it is impossible to carry on my shoulder. This might good to work with a micro thick mat. There is room enough for my Yoga blanket to keep comfortable during meditation on the cold floor. 

This bag is having inside pocket is great for Keys, Cell Phone, and other fundamentals. Many of my friends have asked me where did I get it. This bag is very much useful for me. I loved to use it.

  • Up to two standard-size yoga mats
  • One extra-thick yoga mat.
  • Up to 2 Large Size pockets. You can carry a towel, water bottle, change of clothes, shoes/sandals, a meditation cushion and more.
  • Only One bag available- No Mat has given
  • No fasteners.
  • No buckles.
  • Uncomfortable shoulder strap

4) Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag

I am a very much health-oriented girl. I love to do yoga daily as my entire family involved. When I was joined Yoga Classes which 8KM away from my home. I suppose to carry my all YOGA Things. Some times I went on beaches to do YOGA with my classmate. While searching for the best product of YOGA I have got to know about YOGIII LARGE YOGA MAT BAG.

Yogi Yoga Mat Bag has been launching a new Bag as per customer requirements. The design of this bag is very stylish with amazing colors. This bag is very pretty and comfortable. Yogi Large Yoga Mat bag has a sturdy strap so I can carry heavy things on my shoulder.

 The Yogini Large Yoga Mat Bag has two bigger pockets. In this bag, you will get enough space for the outside pocket where you can utilize for a towel or extra clothes that will fit in comfortably. As similar the inside pocket is having zippered, So I am carrying my car/home keys, Cell phone, Money purse, earphone, and glasses.

  • This bag is enough space to carry all YOGA things and other required stuff.
  • Inside pocket is having zipper.
  • Designs are simple.

5) Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Bag Pune

Many of the time, We go concerning purchase our required things. The perfect Yoga Bag is one of them. I am so happy to I kept searching for the Perfect Yoga Bag. I had purchased a few discounted bags but straps and zippers kept ripping. Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Bag is very sturdy with thick canvas. This bag is very durable by zipper, and I like being able to regulate the strap.

It is a very wide bag. I don’t need to tightly roll my mat which is I hate it but with the Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Bag, I found the correct way. I also always carry my hand towel in the bag, as well as my Yoga Mat cleaning spray in the pocket and still have space available for my other Yoga and necessary things in the bag.

My old yoga bag had a zipper failure and I need to buy a new Yoga bag to replacement in it. Many of the times I went to Yoga Studios in a week, so I have much more experience of use mat bags. It took me a long time with my experience to select one perfect bag. This one is well designed. I like the Sexy Black Color. This bag’s price is also reasonable.

It has an inside pocket with a zipper. Room for my wallet and keys etc. The bag is can hold my Yoga mat. This is having two mega pockets and a large water bottle. While using this bag, I get compliments on my bag at almost every practice from peoples. I am planning to purchase another bag as a gift for a Mother.

  • This bag is having an inside pocket with a zipper
  • Strap itself having a good thickness.
  • Beautiful item went right-back did not fit my pro mandola mat.

6) Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag Full-Zip

I am using Manduka Pro which is slightly larger than other Yoga Mats. Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag is a Perfect bag for yogitoes 72” towel in the front pocket with sufficient room to spare for other things. This bag is having durable canvas cotton with another zipper inside that you can store the towel with a water bottle. All the zippers are work really in good. I Love the quality, price range, and functionality of these bags.

My daughter loves to do yoga but as she is studying her bachelor’s degree she supposed to Coaching classes after Yoga practice. And this bag is pretty good to carry her Books and other things. With this bag I am sure to her, showing interest up to yoga class will be increased. I do not get it, but as mother whatever makes her life easy, I will do that. So I have decided to purchase this bag, which is useful for her very well. It must be perfect because I know she is considered this for a long time.

I am using also a MandukaEko Yoga Mat which is on the larger side than other Yoga Mat and I have sufficiently of additional space for my Yoga towel, face /hand towel, Yoga mat cleaning supplies (this will fits in front pocket), and my water bottle, plus I have more rooms for other things. I love this yoga mat bag that fits everything. I purchased this in a dark black color. I wish I purchased it. in grey for that reason but its fur very easily. Grey is a little large also.

The print is also nice too to hide any potential sand or dirt marks if tossed on the ground. You will like the carry Yoga bag from this brand. I think they had numerous choices for colors, but I chose on the base of the pockets and storage capacities.

  • Large size Mat will fit properly
  • The print is nice to hide sand or dark marks
  • Nice zipper and strap and pockets quality
  • Grey color is very light as compared to other bags
  • It's fur very easily

7) Imarana Yoga Mat Bag | Yoga Carrier Backpack

Wonderful…! This is the BEST yoga bag I have bought and I love this Yoga Mat bag to use. I can put my Yoga Mat, Yoga towel, and Cloth in the main section. Then, I use the slighter compartment for the dirty towel and used cloth, to keep it dispersed while I get it home to spotless.

 The very obverse little pocket, I store mat cleaner spray. The Bag side netting holds my large water bottle. There are two more pockets on both sides, so we can pack two bottles if you necessity. There is a one-strap backpack that can hold a Yoga Mat and everything we need for a yoga class without being awkward, insecure or uncomfortable. This is precisely what I was looking for. I love it to use.

Well Designed for the fair price. Mostly, I love the padded strap. And big outside pockets are fits all my Yoga and necessary props, business cards, cell phone, keys, mat sprays, etc. I was looking for a cross-body yoga bag/backpack that looked wise stylish and that I could hang across my back easily to carry. It has an additional pocket room for accessories.

So I Highly recommended this bag!!

  • Extra-large pocket
  • Cross designed, which shows the uniqueness of this bag.
  • The place is available on both sides
  • Variance in color after ordered.

8) Meru Yoga Mat Bag - Yoga Bags and Carriers

I Just want to look at when I get ready to do yoga to get my brain into the yoga practice very well. As I m getting enough space to carry Yoga thing. Awesome and well designed, Look is pretty good, and this bag is also having very large pockets. In this bag, my 26” Yoga mat will fit with more room to spare.

The most important thing is there are small circles in it for ventilation that help to thing fresh and keep them dry. I also love the peaceful natural and original design of it. There is also room left for a towel and a small sprayer. 

There is a bigger pocket available inside that fits a cleaning spray and my cleaning towel. There is a small outside pocket that fits keys and also available a small pocket for phone and wallet. I’m pretty happy with this bag selection!!

I wanted to carry my Manduka Pro Black Magic Yoga Mat. This is the longer length mat (85”x 26”) and weighs (9 pounds).

 The material of Meru Yoga Mat Bag is heavier than some of my other yoga bags. There is a small size of the room at the end so I can throw in some yoga socks and gloves but that’s it. For this bag that’s all I wanted.

I have bought this Mery Yoga Mat Bag because I wanted one to fit my extra largeMat I am using my new yoga bag for many weeks now. I love the way the zipper opens to allow my large mat to fit perfectly into the bag. I would like to recommend this bag to all of you.

  • There are small ventilation circles in it
  • Required large pocket for outside to carry Yoga Towel
  • Yoga Mat Bag is heavy (9 pounds

9) YogaAddict Large Yoga Mat Bag and Carriers

This bag is the perfect choice for Yoga lovers. I always stay organized. And all my stuff fits easily into this EXTRA large bag, with sufficiently of room to spare. For carrying yoga stuff, I set the strap to the shortest possible length, so that it will stay near to my body. It was agreeably surprising that I can comfortably wear it with the strap across my body which looks stylish.

 I have tried other bags also, the strap sometimes felt as however it was disappointed me. A crossbody strap is a significant feature for me, since I frequently find myself running to catch the train, and it’s a make me easier to have the strap back up onto my shoulder, this is very comfortable. I like the suitable pocket on the outside for stuff you need to get at quickly.

This is the perfect bag for my personal use. After using this bag for one week, I obviously can’t report on durability, but the material seems good and the bag seems well designed. I am really satisfied that after a long search, I git a perfect match.

I LOVE to use this bag because It holds my Manduka X-mat with room to spare. My mom also loves to use this bag she suggests to her other friends also. I can also fit my extra clothes and the other extra pocket is big enough for my keys, money, glasses and other things.

  • Bag is having extra pockets for other stuff
  • Required small pocket with zipper.

10) Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag - Long Tote with Pockets

I surprised by the quality of this Yoga Mat Bag at this price range. This bag is nice soft but quality cotton clothes. I got the Black and it looks very pleasant. It has one large pocket for the mat (that will fit “Manduka Black Yoga Mat”) and a water bottle, 

it comes with two elastic straps to hold your Mat safely, and having a smaller open pocket with a zipper section for your keys. The shoulder strap of this bag is very nice to look and wide and you can effortlessly carry it over one shoulder as well.

The design of this bag is very pretty. This bag is pretty and very much useful. My friends also have purchased a lavender/purple and black. The bag has a sturdy strap so that I can easily carry it on my shoulder. 

I am and it fits my quicker stature but I feel it will work well for someone higher too. The bag has two bigger pockets. The outside pocket is open we can utilized for a towel or extra clothes that will fit in easily.

The inside pocket is zippered. This bag is having a nice size pocket that easily fits my car keys, phone, and glasses. Inside this bag in the zippered pocket, you will find two elastic bands to hold your yoga mat securely. This bag comes very nicely boxed, you can gift to others. 

Also, the Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag sent me an email to be sure that the day and time of the bag arrived. When I emailed him back with some queries, he responded to me on the same day.

  • After-sales service is good
  • Fit Manduka Black Yoga Mat
  • An open pocket is also available
  • There is no room for knees pads or other accessories

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