best yoga blocks 2020

The 5 Best Yoga Blocks of 2020

Yoga is one of the best activities to boost your physical being. Yoga has various advantages. It helps to build metabolism and develops flexibility.

Of late, the e-commerce giants are advertising yoga blocks as essential for yoga enthusiasts. Now, quite naturally, budding yoga enthusiasts are curious to know, “What is a yoga block?” So, let’s introduce them to the masses.

Simply put, yoga blocks are rectangular brick-shaped structures made of bamboo, hard foam, latex, or cork which is used to reduce the distance between the person who is practicing yoga and the floor. A yoga guru named BKS Iyengar had made yoga blocks popular by 1970.

They are also used for improving the alignment of the different body parts and providing comfort.

 Let us have a look at some emerging yoga blocks of 2020.

Some of the emerging best Yoga blocks of 2020 are:-

  • JBM International JBM Yoga Blocks.
  • Cork Wood Yoga Blocks
  • YOGU Yoga Blocks
  • Topya Yoga Blocks, Exercise Blocks
  • Galam Essential Yoga Block

A few more details about each of them will help yoga enthusiasts to make the right choice.

Top 5 Best Yoga Blocks 2020

Best Yoga Blocks 2020

JBM yoga blocks are a great aid to the budding yoga enthusiasts while they perform challenging Yoga postures. The good news is that they come with straps that help users attain any position.


They perform well on all surfaces to help people maintain balance while they perform complicated yogic postures like Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga.


The factories which manufacture JBM yoga blocks seal these blocks against moisture. As a result, they keep users free from bacteria.


However, it is a good idea to store these feather-light yoga blocks in well-ventilated as well as dry places, to avoid mold.


To cap it all, they are scratch-proof and allow support.


These feather-soft and non sticky yoga blocks allow the user to carry them in their bags.


The package includes a 1.5 feet long and 8 feet long strap. Though each yoga block weighs only 0.38 lb, the user may slip it under his feet, hands or his seat, so that he can safely perform deepening stretches.

best yoga blocks 2020

These slip-resistant products prevent the user from slipping and sliding while using this product. These premium products are available in quite a few stylish, cute, and attractive designs, like lotus and peace signs. They are beautiful enough to be used at home and on the go.


Some of them have “Peace Logo” inscribed on them.

best yoga blocks 2020

This brand manufactures premium yoga blocks. They do not slip and slide around while being used. As a result, the users don’t have the risk of losing balance while performing complicated postures.

They have a 90 days satisfaction guarantee as well as a one year warranty. The cork or foam used to make these blocks are dense enough to be durable.

  Not only men but also women can use these stylish foam made products. The best part is that they are light as a feather and compact. As a result, these smart products may fit comfortably inside the user’s gym bags, without adding any extra bulk.

These cork-made products ensure durability.

This high-quality product enables the user to perform the yogic postures safely, without compromising on poise. Plenty of yoga instructors recommend this product.

best yoga blocks 2020

These eco-friendly yoga blocks are easy to clean. This lightweight, but sturdy foam yoga block minimizes the strain on muscles. Apart from that, they ensure proper alignment during challenging yogic poses.

They also decrease the energy required to get into a particular yogic position and help improve flexibility.

Available in six colors, these yoga blocks have beveled edges so that the users get maximum comfort.

A section of users claims that these products have a faint smell, but it disappears fast.

These products are great for the price and may be used either for yoga classes or at home for exercise.

Luckily they too are portable enough to be carried around.

They have round edges so that the users can have a firm grip on the yoga blocks while practicing.

 Also, they are firm enough to remain fixed in their position despite their considerable weight. These 8.8-ounce products are also comfortable for meditation.

best yoga blocks 2020

This premium yoga blocks are 50% denser than standard EVA blocks. These blocks made of durable foam are the ideal yoga support and companion. The users get help while deepening, supporting, and extending the yogic stretches.


Apart from that, they help users reach a more excellent range of motion. Their weight is perfect.

Characteristics of Yoga Blocks:

  • These products are effortless to clean using a mild detergent. After that, with a towel. They also have the facility to be air-dried. They have specially built edges so that the users quickly get a grip. These edges also prevent users from losing their balance.
  • The surfaces are not slippery to prevent accidents. The good news is that they can also act as proper meditation seats. Their adequate alignment prevents risks.
  • These energetic yoga blocks are tailor-made to suit the level of flexibility of the user. The variety of colors adds to the aesthetic taste. They have people been designed, keeping the yoga needs of users in mind. Beginners say that they are soft to touch and provide the right firmness to support body weight.
  • Senior citizens claim that these help them shift from one posture to another effortlessly.
  • Ultimately, these yogic blocks are necessary for twenty-first-century people. They even double up as meditation seats or used under hands and feet. All of them are anti-slip and will not hurt our bodies.
  • The designs are subtle and sturdy. These beautifully made products are sturdy, too, according to customer reviews. Cork, as well as foam blocks, are available in the market.
  • However, the cork ones are better and lighter than the foam ones. They even offer a better balance than foam.

Earlier, the yoga blocks were made of wood of trees like pine and birch. Now, the trend is to go eco-friendly.

 They help users to stay in a posture for a long time. Reviews say that placing our hands on the blocks provide support and allow us to get deeper into a pose. People with tight hamstrings find it rather tough to sit on the floor or sit cross-legged.

A yoga block helps them overcome these problems. They are also relaxing if we place our legs on the blocks and rest our heads on them.

A yoga block also helps users help themselves lift from the yoga block. If a yogi is in a triangular pose or a side angular pose, we use these blocks in a variety of ways. Also known as “props,” they provide us with a framework to relax completely.

As a result, these blocks release tension from the muscles. They help us attain the correct pose without straining their bodies much.

Their other benefits include modifying poses according to individual convenience and reduce the risk of straining muscles.

 Notably, expecting mothers benefit from the use of yoga blocks as they reduce the amount of energy required. This conservation of energy is helpful.

However, we must keep in mind that yoga is not about maintaining the flexibility of bodies. On the other hand, it keeps the body, mind, and spirit together.

Hence, nobody should push themselves too far while performing yoga. The yoga blocks help them do just that. With the help of the yoga mat, our body goes through the least stress.

So, they may be said to be a miraculous invention. A yoga teacher had stated that the moment she saw a look of overconcentration cloud the face of a student, she offered him a yoga block. She had assured the guardians confidently that these yoga blocks will help them improve much more quickly.

Many people who have done yoga for a long time complained they didn’t need a yoga block. However, the school teacher assured them that using a yoga block is not embarrassing.

Instances where yogis speak highly of yoga mats:

  • A humorous yogi had once said that even if her house were on fire, she would grab her yoga blocks before escaping from it.
  • Others who perform yoga also said that if they perform a yogic pose known as Virasana while sitting on the yoga block, they get rid of an unpleasant numbness that would have plagued their thighs.

In short, yoga blocks help people to understand their bodies. Many yogis say that they hold the yoga blocks between their feet to prevent them from splaying. Thus, they can practice advanced levels of yoga sooner.

Although yoga blocks protect the body against possible injuries, they demand more strength. The heavier the yoga block is, the more intense the practice the users will require.

In general, yoga blocks made of cork are challenging to clean because they have a porous surface. Their surface may also be somewhat flaky. However, they are almost perfect for universal use because they look natural and have a lifetime guarantee of being replaced.

 Apart from that, they are more durable than their other counterparts. Last but not least, they are sturdy, but not slippery. 

A pair of yoga blocks will make users more versatile. When the users have each of their hands on a block, they can do more exercises.

A user should use them whenever he feels that he lacks flexibility, or is facing difficulty in breathing. He may also use them if he thinks that he is not ready for the full pose.

The wooden blocks were the most expensive, but now, they have been replaced with more eco-friendly as well as economical options.

The users must never use any harsh chemicals on cork yoga blocks.


Even wet hands will not leave an impression on them. On the other hand, most of the yoga blocks are made of foam. The reason is that foam blocks are comfortable to grip, lighter, and portable.

 Furthermore, they have a texture that is like suede. Beginners find it the best option to invest in foam blocks because they are moisture-resistant as well as easier to maintain than the others. They remove moisture and bacteria from the surface.

Moreover, they have several motivational engravings on them, which inspire the beginners not to give up. They are free from chemical odor as well.

Many of the yoga blocks are made up of recycled materials and are used for restorative poses. The super ergonomics are a joy. The comfortable grip helps those who have problems with their wrists.

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